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WEBLINKZ - a Link Checker for Websites

Are you tired of receiving emails telling you that a link does not work on your website?

Using our semi-automated product weblinkz we will visit and traverse your web site testing all the links discovered.

Upon completion of the weblinkz process we will provide you with a report detailing all the web links* on your site with a status to indicate if they are valid (at the time of running the process).

The report can be supplied in different formats:

  • spreadsheet (recommended)
  • document (Microsoft word)
  • CSV

Other formats may be available upon request.


Example of data in report 

weblinkz sample


The report will list the Pages Checked, Link & text, and a status of OK or NOTOK with the HTTP Status message returned if an error is detected.

If the status is NOTOK then the link should be checked manually as it could be that a website is temporarliy down or has disappeared completley!


Benefits of using our Weblinkz service

This report will save you time and effort tracking down links that no longer work on your website potentially frustrating your customers and staff.

If the report shows that there are no links with issues that's great! It means peace of mind.

If there are links with issues these can be sent to your web developer for investigation and fixing.

Also the report may show links between pages that you where not aware of, or links that should not be there at all!.


What's the cost?

For this service we charge by the number of links traversed

  • £10 small website < 3000 links
  • £15 medium website 3000 - 6000 links
  • £20 large website 6000 - 10000 links
  • Giant websites - pleas contact us

This cost covers running the process and report/output file creation.

We will provide a report detailing any issues with the links on your website and re-run the process and report when you have resolved the issues which will be free of charge if within 14 days.

So if you have a small website it will be cheaper than a very large website.

The majority of small business websites will be processed within 30 minutes during normal office hours, outside office hours will incur additional costs.

The output will be emailed to you as soon as it is complete. 

Contact us if you require a monthly/annual subscription discounts are avaialble.

Introductory offer 50% discount until 1/5/2020


How do you get your report?

Please contact us using the contact page to enquire about your weblinkz report.


No access to a web developer?

If you do not have access to a web developer we can help but we would need to talk to you about the issues and we would need access to the website, contact us using the contact page for costs involved.


*Link Exclusions

The following links are not checked as often they require 'logging' in to be able to share etc.

Links to Google Maps

Links to share your page on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Links to javascript or present in javascript

Links to email

Links to telephone numbers