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Surveyz is a new service offered by Zeusweb to enable companies and associations etc. to perform on-line surveys and interpret the results.


What can Zeusweb provide?

Advice on how to create an on-line survey either an Anonymous or Non Anonymous survey.

Advice on creating a paper based survey that matches the on-line version to ensure the data can be captured and analysed efficiently.

Help identifying the types of questions to help ensure responses can be analysed easily.

Multiple question types including

      • text boxes
      • richtext boxes
      • checkboxes
      • radio buttons
      • grids
      • images

Conditional Branching to improve user experience taking the survey

A unique url that can be emailed to allow anyone to complete the survey or generate a set of unique urls to allow a more personalized selection of responders.

Access to administration of 'your' survey (please note: Once the survey is live the questions cannot be changed apart from spelling this will affect survey data)

Export of results to .csv to allow processing with other software such as Excel.

PDF report detailing responses. 


Enhanced services (* at additional costs)

      • Production and processing of paper based copy of survey (the paper copies will have to be returned to our offices for processing)
      • Bespoke queries to aid analysis of response data
      • Compilation of report with charts based on bespoke queries


 Paper based survey question
 Example of a paper based survey question


 Charts generated from response data 
 Chart generated from response data
 Chart generated from response data



Why choose Zeusweb for your survey?

      • Professional yet friendly advice about your survey requirements.
      • Quick response to any questions or issues.
      • Experts in dealing with data.
      • No limit on questions (probably 10 - 20 is enough for most people)
      • 1000 response limit for basic survey (free survey monkey only allows 100!)
      • Competitive Pricing - one off cost for basic survey services
      • Save time and effort in set-up and launch and be analysing the results sooner compared to 'free' options


 If you would like to know more about this or any other service we offer please contact us via the contact page here