Is there any easy way to display a picture in a shaped frame?

Yes it is easy to do but it depends on which version of Office you are using.

Office 2003

You will need to use the Drawing toolbar. If you cannot see this at the bottom of your screen
  1. View
    - Toolbars
  2. Select Drawing

To insert a picture

  1. Select AutoShapes
    on the Drawing Toolbar
    - choose a shape
  2. Drag it to required size
  3. Right click on shape
    - Format AutoShape
    - Colours and Lines
    - Fill
    - Colour
    - Fill Effects
    - Picture
  4. Select Picture
    - Apply

To move the object

  1. Right Click on the object
    - Format Autoshape
    - Layout
    - Tight

Office 2007 There are two different ways of doing this

  • Insert
    - Illustrations
    - Picture
    - Picture Shapes
    - Select shape
  • Insert
    - Shape
    - Select shape
    - Drag shape to size