How can I resize my pictures to fit a PowerPoint slide?

Many new cameras create large images which then do not fit on a PowerPoint slide.

However, it is possible to insert a group of pictures and resize to automatically fit the slide in one go.
  1. Open PowerPoint
  2. Select blank presentation

  3. Click on slide 1.

If using PowerPoint 2003

  1. Insert
    - Picture
    - New Photo Album

If using PowerPoint 2007

  1. Insert
    - Illustration
    - Photo Album

Then for either version

  1. Insert picture from ‘File/Disk’ or 'Scanner/Camera'
  2. Select (highlight) all photos needed
    - and 'Insert'
  3. Album Layout section is at left bottom of screen
  4. Select ‘Fit to Slide’ in Picture Layout
  5. Check order of slides and use arrows to move up or down
  6. Adjust brightness, contrast, direction etc of each slide
  7. Create